Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friends Parameter


YA ALLAH! i am not spending my the time wisely. I am just spend it a lot by oh I don't know... watching movie series maybe, and shopping. yeke? YES, a lot of pembaziran masa, but you know, sometimes its all we always wanted after a hard time preparing for all the midterm.1 day release really ok for me i guess. 

Whats up with the Friends quest? you might be wondering.. 

Friends parameter fall into  3  stages.

stage 1: comfortable
a person is comfortable enough when he/she stay with us. like jalan2 together. sleep and eat together. and many more

stage 2: trust
a person might be trusted enough to keep our secret. what i mean secret here is the things that you will be ashamed of if it is revealed to other person. 

stage 3: sacrifice
a person that willingly to sacrifice their precious time, energy and even money to support  you or to comfort you during hard time. 

If your friend over this three stages. he/ she is a good friend. And the relationship might be last forever.. etc etc ...ok. i am not really a philosopher type of person... :P

The point is, a good friend comes from their showed attitude.. the fake one really caught out, u can try test this stages to your friends.I am sure you will shocked. maybe the closest to you only pass the first stage.. Judging is not really good but, do you really want to be with friend that only using you for benefit ?? up to u. 

if it is  hard to get a true friend, you can be one of them.. 
be a good friend to your friend. :)

me n my friends :)

p/s: this is an old post in draft.but never posted. so bz lately. :(

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