Monday, December 26, 2011

Snake and me :)

Assalamualaikum !

Yes. this is me, with a snake. so happy because got the chance to play with snake.

This is a picture from a visit to Lok Kawi Wildlife Centre, Sabah. 

Yes, I am so excited because i've been dreaming to touch snake since child. now my dream come true!! hehe...

Luckily, this snake is not dangerous...  if you find any snake around your house or anywhere, DON'T SIMPLY DO LIKE THIS ok! .. 

They say.. "you are so brave syatirah! its very scary laahhhh! "
I replied  " snake is an owesome thing that I always wanted to touch.. if you can touch a handbag made by snake skin, why not we touch the origin,  right?  hehe"

Some people say i am disgusting,always liking the weird things. so? I never care!  :P
I guess i have a so called "brave-gene".. or "weirdo-gene"...
i really think snakes are kind of cute. isn't it? *facepalm. 

p/s: I love going to zoo... :)


  1. takkkk.... ada la rasa moisture2 sket, tp ok je. :)

  2. wah, syat berani la.. aku pn brani gak.. pegang insects.. hehe XD

  3. hahaha. insects aku geli sket. ular x pulak. hehe

  4. if u found a snake around your house, don't let it go to waste. take its skin and glue it on yr clutch.muahaha..

  5. poyo la ko..hahaha pdhl cemas giler. hahaha:D


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