Saturday, March 26, 2011

crazy week, i am guilty...

Assalamulaikum,the past week make me very crazy. I got 2 test and both of them were really hard as I thought and I bet the marks will be not very good. not to blame the lecturer for giving such tough questions, its me who do not ready, so... Padanlah Muka Hang!adoi... I donno what makes me this way, i feel like i am not serious enough with my studies. what happeng! 

These make me a lil bit depressed last night and i am a lil bit lost. thinking bout parents who always support me and give me whatever i needed, its makes me really guilty..... Therefore, i guess this does not end here... its one of my motivation to try harder. I know i can do it, just lack of effort... plz. manage your time!!now i am talking to myself.. huwaa...

So there.. till now i dont really have anything to write about. I do find some interesting fact, but I am feeling not to write about it right now.Just.. sometimes, you need some space for yourself right? I do. 

after all, I must to get up!plz. go away LAZINESS!! 

p/s: study vs stado

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