Friday, April 22, 2011

hazy mood.. light's power!


its been a while.. oh. i don't know. i am having difficulties to post anything... maybe lack of idea, and sometimes the story i want to tell is too personal and controversial  that i must to cut it off. (ecey, bajet artist kan) haha.... Yet, the final exam is coming soon... Are you ready kidz??aaaaaaaaaaiiiinooooo captain!uuuuu..(spongebob style)..

So, just to soothing my feeling, i think writing will give me more strength ..  sometimes, i think that blog also functional as place for us shared anything that we feel so that we will get more strength as you know that some of your readers care to you.mostly my post also very2 emotional. don't you think? hehe.... don't be too serious, i am genuinely nice actually... hehe

today is hazy.. not only for the whether,my mind is undergoing haziness phase too. oh, i don't know. sometimes i feel more stupid when i keep on studying. why? because .. i don't even know what am i studying. especially... for the subject that i am not really interested of. huwaaa... physics. please do well with me. if i don't understand you, please understand me.. (boleh ke? haha).

ok. finish with that.

As i am busy understanding the law of physics, i found something usual,a research found that light can fix scratched material. A team of researcher in the united states and switzerland  have developed a polymer based material that can heal itself with the help of a widely used type of lighthing. it is called metallosupramolecular polymers.the material is capable of becoming supple liquid that fills crevasses and gaps left by scrapes and scuff when placed under ultraviolet light for less than a minute and then resolidfying. just imagine, when you in rush, park your car and accidentally hits other things, you can fix the scratched easily, quickly and inexpensively. Its like knight rider movie, but now its not a fantasy anymore.!!!

unbelievable right? believe it! :) 

All in all,same like material, every problem can be fixed. Just we all don't know how and when its will be fixed. Just let the time to decide. and don't forget to put efforts.Everything happen for a reason... ~~

i know so.. 

p/s: wish me luck for final exams..first paper: basic physics
p/s 2: can't wait to see you, A.J!! :)


  1. yupzz.. boleh... kajian dah terbukti, tapi masih belum dikomersialkan. kena perfectkan result dlu.. hehe.. berminat eh? :)

  2. kalau mcm tu, xyah bimbang la kalau kreta trcalar...hee


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