Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hi all, i like to write especially in a diary but nowdays its seem hard to really 'write' a diary. Everyone use softcopy, not hardcopy anymore.*sebenarnya malas. hehe Sometimes, i  like to look back in my life.. what happened in past 2-3 years, what i manage to change, and everything that i hope and plan for ... do i accomplish any of them? or just cakap kosong?
Finally i remember, i used to have a blog before. Then i started to scroll on and search for it. *x senonoh kan x igt pn kewujudan blog ni. hehehe...
So here I am, writing again.. And and my life are completely different from the past 3 years. I am married now and.... guess what.. I am also pregnant!
I am carrying 35 weeks old baby in my womb and ready to pop in about a month from now. How scary!
Despite my low life in career *still studying... bila nak abes tah. and lack of money-- *just depend to the scholarship money and hubby.. I am so blessed Allah give me chance to be insyaAllah a better servant to HIM as I will be a mom. This is a HUGE responsibility, yet i know i dont know i can do it well or not but lets hope for the best!
I definitely done most of my plans after graduate. getting married, pursuing master, getting pregnant. But till now i didnt graduate so this will be my next goal and hopefully i will get it soon! lets aim for the best in 2015!
After all, i know Allah had planned everything for me and i deserved it. Please pray for my fight this mid february. Looking forward to a nice cute healthy lil baby coming out from my womb!
Good day to all!

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