Monday, May 4, 2015

Little princess

I am finally a mother!
Its really an adventure journey to deliver this little princess of mine. Its takes me 3 time to go to hospital to finally giving birth to her.! but worth it!

That is why all mom to be out there needs to know and learn the false signal or the scientific name is,, bracktons hicks. Me myself actually read about it but since this is my first time and having a very obese weight during pregnancy, its make me very tak sabar to deliver the baby. So. i go to the hospital hoping that they will warded me so that i will not have to worry having a panic situation to be in the hospital in time. Because i am planning to deliver at selayang hospital. You know, to avoid traffic jam and everything. However, during that time the ward full so they make me return home even i already dah keluar tanda.

Finally, leaking at home! Allah knows how painful it is!!! But alhamdulillah it just takes 1 hour to deliver the baby. I am so thankful and will not forget the moment. All in all... Allah is the greatest and the best planner!

my advice to all mother to be ouf there please pleaae please read or have the idea how to give birth because you know everything need preparation , physically/ mentally. i've learnt my mistakes..  Please dear mothers, have knowlegde about it especially new mom. 

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