Thursday, February 23, 2012

biodegradable plastics: Chitosan-Lignin


Its been a while. just need some time to back in track. New semester begin, and its my last semester in University. Of course we want the best in our last opportunity right? I will try my best though. chaiyok3! So subject for this semester quite challenging, suits us well as the final year students. What is more I concern is job opportunity offered for us after graduated..Biotechnology is a very tough industry , so I really hope I can get through of it, get a good job and all. YA ALLAH please guide me well, Ameen.

In last semester break,i 've been at home about a month, so . nothing really interesting during that time, its just I have done some research about green technology to help my friend do assignments. Have you ever heard about biodegradable plastics? Yes. its a plastics but biodegradable. eco- friendly. owesome right?

This idea comes from USM, they do the research to produce plastics which can degrades in time when it was throw up to the land. Its have been made by natural feature compound but still function as good as plastics, durable, strechable, strong and low cost. This biodegradable plastics is made from chitosan-lignin interaction. Chitosan is N-deacetylated chitin, although the deacetylation in most chitosan preparations is not complete. Chitin itself is usually prepared from crab or shrimp shells or fungal mycelia. Chitosan also nontoxic, biodegradable and biocompatible cationic polysaccharide isolated from naturally occurring crustacean shells and insects.Lignin is an abundant non-toxic amorphous natural polymer and an inexpensive by-product of paper industry. Lignin is a widely available natural polymer well suited for composite fiber applications .

By using eco-friendly material, the structure of plastics might be a little bit different, which the plastics now can degrades, but test had been made they also very strong same as usual plastics. Now, a lot of company change their product by use plastic cover for food and many more products using biodegradable plastics.This is because its not only good for the environment, its also cuts the budget cost in marketing industry. 

Start reducing the use of non-biodegradable plastics. GO FOR GREEN! :) 

biodegradable plastics

p/s: lack of idea,not writing for a looooonggg time..
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