Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life in on your own decision... Do not blame others.. SANCTUM~~


hye, you guys fine? having nice holiday? mine was not so nice, because a lot of work that needs to be done and never ever ever finished.even if its finished, yet comes another. but. well. student life. you-know-what-i-mean.... allrite. whats up with the topic? ok. i would like to mention this entry is maybe more like a review about a film.SANCTUM Yes, rite. its a new movie i guess and for me a really good story. but. fine, everyone had their own choices and different kind of movie they like, so i mention again. this is my opinion based own my interest... 

This movie is about some cave explorer and offered a very good scenery. for me. it was very impressive. YES. I LIKE IT A LOT! so, there is a cave, i don't really know is it really real or not, but this cave was a very deep cave... and this explorer explore the beauty of this caves, but something unpredictable happens, when a storm happen and blocked the cave. There is no way out for 5 explorer that is stuck in that cave.

Actually, the main part what i like to share is the dramatic scene in this movie, emotionally, i cried .. it was about an expert cave explorer and his son which are not really good in a relationship before they stuck together in a cave and lastly had a great moments and knew his father before his father died in the cave... 

oke. i am very slow when type entry in english, i am doing so because i want to improve my writings, but... susah den nak express apa yang nak diceritakan. haa... kuar dah ayat melayu.. hehe

So, cerita ni memang seram la bila sorang demi sorang mati dalam gua tu. yelah, oxygen x cukup kan. jadi masing2 seakan2 mementingkan diri sampai sanggup betray kawan sendiri. Paling tragic bila seorang antara explorer cave perempuan mati sebab rambut tersekat dekat tali sampai terkopek kulit kepala dan akhirnya jatuh mati ke dalam pusaran air dan jadi macam daging hiris... and she do that because she choose to die like that. kenapa sya cakap macamtu, tgklah cerita ni ya... salah satu lagi explorer lelaki plak mati sebab pentingkan diri. curi tangki oxygen dan teruskan je mnyelam tanpa hiraukan rakan2 laen2 dan tak terima advice cave explorer yang lagi otai. akhernya oxygen abes dan mati kat tgh jalan...

For a is on your own decision. YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BLAME OTHERS . its your own choice.... then when something bad happen to you, its about your very own decision why it was happened. for issues in blogger just today i guess. which is spreading a rumour about hiting menghitting other blogger, why he/she said like that.. why he/she wants to say or write is her or him own decision.. and exactly as i said, faced your challenges!! 
"You can't stop people from talking about you, but you can stop giving them something to talk about...."
last but not least, seriously i don't think i am such a very good person to make any statements and yet too scary to make any judgement towards other people... just, take a moment and think about it...!! :)

p/s: still standing to finished lab reportsss..
p/s 2: my-engineer was very busy with his FYP so a lil bit lonely tonight. :P


  1. tak kesampaian lagi hajat nak tengok cerita ni..adess :)

  2. hehe... tgklah. best la jugak. bg sya lah.... :)

  3. hai awak :) saye dah join awak :)

  4. thanks for the review..:)

    meh ke rumah,
    ~farewell friends~
    keep in touch ye..♥♥♥


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