Saturday, June 9, 2012

betting the future :)


Longggg time no write. I have many things to share, but I never have times to update. But today's news make me wanna write something even I had final exams this monday. its ok, still got times..hehehe..

One of my crush in high school is officially engaged today. OMG.. For a little time, I am like asking myself.. why should I bother, that guy never give a damn about me, it just me syok sendiri I guess. But the syok sendiri feelings sometimes make me feel happier. *hahaha ayat org desperate dlu2.It is something to know that he is not mine, but its something else to know that he is officially someone else's. literally. There is a moment I fully forget about him but suddenly this event make me remember him again. hehe.. I think its really hard to forget someone that we likes, or care about right.... Whatever, I am happy for him.. :)

It was funny when I remember that one time I said to myself, I will never give up to make up with this guy, and picturing to have family with him, and having daughter and son like him. WOAHH. kelakar!

And when things doesn't works out, I was like, accept whatever happens and move on my life.. Whatever happen, I think he kinda big things in my life since I learned a lot about relationships because of him. Then I finally met this guy. Engineer of my life..  for now.. :P

He is more than better that ever happen in my life. The most understanding person .kot.*padahal selalu jugak gadoh...hehe Now is only to pray the happiness will stands until "jinjang pelamin". hehe. Kita merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan..

he always shy. thats y i like! hehe

Appreciate what you have now, leave the past and make a better future!

p/s: I always choose you no matter what. chewahhhh ayat jiwang.

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