Friday, April 22, 2011

hazy mood.. light's power!


its been a while.. oh. i don't know. i am having difficulties to post anything... maybe lack of idea, and sometimes the story i want to tell is too personal and controversial  that i must to cut it off. (ecey, bajet artist kan) haha.... Yet, the final exam is coming soon... Are you ready kidz??aaaaaaaaaaiiiinooooo captain!uuuuu..(spongebob style)..

So, just to soothing my feeling, i think writing will give me more strength ..  sometimes, i think that blog also functional as place for us shared anything that we feel so that we will get more strength as you know that some of your readers care to you.mostly my post also very2 emotional. don't you think? hehe.... don't be too serious, i am genuinely nice actually... hehe

today is hazy.. not only for the whether,my mind is undergoing haziness phase too. oh, i don't know. sometimes i feel more stupid when i keep on studying. why? because .. i don't even know what am i studying. especially... for the subject that i am not really interested of. huwaaa... physics. please do well with me. if i don't understand you, please understand me.. (boleh ke? haha).

ok. finish with that.

As i am busy understanding the law of physics, i found something usual,a research found that light can fix scratched material. A team of researcher in the united states and switzerland  have developed a polymer based material that can heal itself with the help of a widely used type of lighthing. it is called metallosupramolecular polymers.the material is capable of becoming supple liquid that fills crevasses and gaps left by scrapes and scuff when placed under ultraviolet light for less than a minute and then resolidfying. just imagine, when you in rush, park your car and accidentally hits other things, you can fix the scratched easily, quickly and inexpensively. Its like knight rider movie, but now its not a fantasy anymore.!!!

unbelievable right? believe it! :) 

All in all,same like material, every problem can be fixed. Just we all don't know how and when its will be fixed. Just let the time to decide. and don't forget to put efforts.Everything happen for a reason... ~~

i know so.. 

p/s: wish me luck for final exams..first paper: basic physics
p/s 2: can't wait to see you, A.J!! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

an answer about woman~


Back then, we used to say. How come i can do this, i am a girl. I don't allowed to do that, i am girl. Orait. Some peoples say, there are nothing impossible. then after that, comes more and more impossible things become possible.There are female president, yet female also conquered the education standards, from primary level until university level. Years by year, there must be an incrementation in the number of female students. No boundaries anymore. Woman say they can do anything what man can do. 

In science, there are a lot and lot more of female researcher that really capable in finding such an interesting theories like Marie Curie-co founder in establishment radiation of beta and gamma ray,Anita Roberts-molecular biologist, and many more.Ok. you might find you never know these woman but the point is, they contribute a lot in discovery of science and in social contribution of human.They proved woman can do like man do.

The idea of woman being more and more excellent, more powerful, led me into one question... what is the limit..?how far a woman can goes? we will never know till the end of the day. We might see one day woman control everything in lives. 

Then, comes a bunch of guy. they said. we are the real leader!(man). you(woman) cannot lead us.Obligation through the theories of Islam, Adam lead Hawa. Imam also must be a man.You women are not feasible... cannot lead this and that..... accept it!

ok who say we want to lead?Is it our fault we are so excellent? I am not considering the term which woman weak is wrong. we know, we are weak. we simply had uncontrolled  emotions.sometimes we rather do decision depends on our emotion... thats not the good attitude to be leader. 

My point is, a man should be more responsibility, more in capability, more intelligent as they supposed too.. in this case, there will be vast difference between man and female...Don't simply antagonize with  the opinion that woman want to conquered everything. If you all men so slow, lack of effort, not responsible then who else we can depend on? You said you are LEADER, then be it. prove it you ALWAYSSSSS step forward from woman.. 

please guys, we need a good leader.. and it will always and must be YOU...don't let your power of being a leader replaceable.. by a WOMAN. its a challenge!

p/s: plan nak tulis pasal mende laen, tapi end up tulis pasal ni.sory ya.
p/s 2: effect for an entry i read it yesterday. click here. about woman weakness ~

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Benefits of tsunami? Everything happen for a reason~

Assalamualaikum... as all of us concern, the world will not always safe now. There are so many tragedy happened. For the latest and the most super tragic ones happened just a couple of weeks ago, which is tsunami in Japan. Its make us realized, we are not powerful as we all think we can be.. even the high technology country like Japan, cannot survived the natural disaster..

Because of that,its really effect the population percentage of human.. and the great declining of the population counts the effect as well.. but, in some cases, all of these tragedy may help the population bomb..what do i means by population bomb? You know, every day there are more and more peoples give birth and also although some of it still died..the percentage of patient survived year to year increases bcoz of higher technology in medical discovery nowadays.. and lots more people do survive even they have a chronic diseases..Therefore,the population of human keep increasing every year. Estimation had been made,which is after 2 or 3 years peoples will undergoes starvation as the production of food is less than the amount of peoples alive....make the evolution of Population Bomb; high rate of peoples population..

How do we survive the population bomb? We dont really have enough land to produce more food. just look at around you? i donno where you live, but i am a girl born in the city, so i barely see a land full of green plant, of so called padi(rice), kelapa sawit(palm), or whatever agricultural product managed in my area. and as i know, there are not many of farm in my country too. everytime there are always construction works build more building and houses for living not to concern we actually less space for planting our own food.

There comes some solution about the green project and many more, which led the country focuses on agricultural product and make it more production in upcoming year. That is why,now.. the ministry supported all biotechnologist in doing more and more research to get the solution to produce highest rate of plant production,such in gene manipulation of plant and tissue culture method... 

Lam discussed a variety of factors that have worked together to reduce the impact of population increases. Among the economic forces, he cited the green revolution, started by Nobel prize-winner Norman Borlaug, that increased per capita world food production by 41 percent between  1960 and 2009.
Science Daily-April 4 

Its make me realized , as a biotechnologist student, i am not really go to university now to get degree and just requirements for jobs. Yes, i don't really know about my future..What makes me realized was, i am not only have a responsibility to my family to get a good degree result or anything, i am also somehow the one that will responsible for the worlds population bomb problem, someday.

Back to the topic, as i said before. Japan's Tsunami incident somehow reduce the population of peoples  and maybe helps us in some ways to overcome the lower production of food problem... I am not saying it is good for us when a lot of peoples died. point is.... 

Allah knows the Best for us.. Every things happen for a reason... if we don't really know what it is..all we can do is  learn to ACCEPT it...

p/s:just my opinion. not really accredited.

Monday, April 4, 2011

wonderful time ..

wonderful right?

Assalamulaikum..Everyone must have their own wonderful time.Back in times,as for an ordinary girl like me having a bike for birthday present makes me shouting as loud as I can,and its become the happiest day of my life. but, maybe for some kids, a bike.. eh? its not something wonderful for you to shout out loud. its not like you get a horse(more expensive).. geezz..!

what my point is,for some reasons, a minor thing happen will really makes your heart really happy, its not about luxury that always makes you happy. Yes, it may be wonderful, but deep inside the heart its not really it. luxurious still makes person feels lonely.its one word will solved it for real.. its L.O.V.E. love...

So you think everyone must have couples? Every single person will not happy??Ops!!!stop right there!! Love is a wide prospect. why you peoples always pointing love direct to the loveydovey things between man and woman?? I am asking you. do you love your mom? your dad? your laptop? your bike? is it coupled with you? love is everything. its not only the story bout boyfriend and all stuff..just. dont simply antagonize it.

its make me laugh to remember all the wonderful time has happened to me.Thanks ALLAH,coz still give me chances to live and have more and more wonderful time. lets say Alhamdulillah together to pay every seconds breath we got everyday...

i had my wonderful times..(smiling)... what yours? if you have a story bout it, i am glad to read.(link at the comments)

p/s:my wonderful time is every single time with the one I love!:)
p/s2: i am homesick. oh plz i wanna jump to kl right now!


jom la join ramai2... kat cni..

sya mmg suka blog kena gegar2 ni..
salam perkenalan kawan2!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Don't be such a JERK!

now i am at UMS library doing assigments and studying for final exam
since at this spot, the internet connections really in high speed
i am thinking to post something
its just happen last night
after a few blogwalking, i found these  pictures in faisal tehrani blogs

They pray
wherever they are
in the park,on the street
even before the football match
they are having fun...
but still
praying is their first priority
thats the real muslim are

i wondered
is it enough for me to do JUST do my own responsibility
its like, 
when someone climb the KLCC tower and say he/she wanted to jump
and I JUST see and let her/him be
is that makes me such a JERK?
i am seeing a lot of people
their personality will never lack of ISLAM rules 
wearing hijab n averything
practically they not
sometimes they never praying
or just pray whenever they want to
and just decide not to pray if have problem finding place or anything
how come? its not an option, its a MUST!
how to makes all muslim become a real muslim?
It is our responsibility to make them remember...
at the same time
makes us not to forget


p/s: entry ni macam marah kan? sila tukar nada untuk keselesaan anda.:)
p/s 2: selsemaaa.... tolonglah pergi. huhu

Saturday, April 2, 2011

thanks to them.

Assalamulaikum.. Alhamdulillah, we still  alive. Everyday after awake from sweet dream, remember to say alhamdulillah. syukur.. we still alive. What purpose we live? to be a better person, to pursue better luck , and hopes all better in everything we do. 

As i said in this entry i wanna do redemption about all entry that full in my draft but i never post it. here is one of them. this is about all the well known peoples,geniuses who contributed to our life, society and especially to the science discoveries. Boring enough to read i am talking about science, so you can click blog is about me and anything i like, so i am really obsess with science discoveries, so... since not everyone like what i like.its up to you to choose. 

-->> last week i went to immunology lab. we learn about enzyme determination of blood. as we all know, enzyme is very important in our body. once its stop functioning, we will die. all the reaction is mostly depends on the existence of enzymes in our learn this isolation, we need to kill 4 very cute mice!! oh. ok. i am repeatedly said i am sorry before kill them.(hope they understand).We need to get blood from the mice about 2 eppendorf tube. its about 1-2 ml i guess.How do we get the blood?we remove their EYES and squeezed from it!!!

but still, the blood we got was not enough. then we need to cut their body and get in from heart! oh.. i am really sorry mice, i wanted to learn. i promise i will do my best in my study and help peoples. make your death worthy!

See, do you know, in other to success in anything,we need to sacrifice. either us, or others. they must be something we need to let go. just like we study, to get success we actually need to spend more time on studying, we sacrificed our time to do that. same like any experiment i recently learn, we used mice and as i overhear from my supervisor i will also use mice for my final year project. to obtain a nice good result,i probably need to kill 100 mice a day!!! can you imagine that???

Back to the story, while we waiting for the blood homogenized, the lab assistant(demonstrater) tell stories about famous scientist in the world. as all of us  are biotechnologist to be, he tell us about how all these scientist actually succeeded in their research. And mostly they actually died because of their own research!!

Not only that,once,there are scientist was trying to test Cynide. Cynide was really strong acid and really dangerous. as this scientist really want to know about what it taste, he actually test it on himself! before he taste it, he said to his sister "after i taste this, i will died, before i died i will write what is the taste on this paper so people will know what the cynide taste like"

Then he really taste it, but sadly..... before he died, he just manage to write S on the paper. because of that,we still don't know is it sour,sweet,or salty....

i am so amazed after heard the story and i really want to thanx to them...We might died after having fever if they don't find the antibody to fight it. We might died because of small injury if there is no cure. so.. thanx to them. thanx to all the researcher, we still survive.. and of course, thanx to ALLAH for giving us chances to live everyday. ALHAMDULILLAH.... :)

p/s: 2 weeks to go for the final exam, i must work hard!
p/s 2: sejak 2 menjak A.J beli drum ni, maen sokmo dye. sya pun nak tumpang sekaki nanti!hehee :P

Friday, April 1, 2011



Hye friends, family and any stranger who ever read my blogs.haha(perasan org baca).First of all, i am feeling glad today because I already finished my last midterm this evening. immunology. Yes, i know everyone were already busy preparing for final exam, but just to have some celebration after having 3 midterm that mostly very tough questions, that i had no enoughsleep-regretted-guilty-shed a tears feeling.... hah. apa tu. ngarut dah cik sya ni. hehe

Enough with that, so today i wanna do redemption. In case, i want to redeem all the non-post entry that i want-to-post-but busy-so-later la, full in my draft .. yeah. is not really easy to post everything, all things must to be considered.if i am updating about emotion,I must to check it,whether it is filtered with any personal information, otherwise, its may be a controversial issue.Yeah dear friend, don't mess with this so called  cyber-world. One step you become someone that everyone love, but one step you do wrong... you will fall out of their sight.The worse part, then all the lovey-dovey fan become your haters..

Its a nature of Life anyway. 

p/s: nak qada' tidur! hehe
p/s2: post macam tergantung kan? nak mandi continue later... hehe
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