Sunday, October 23, 2011

Life in on your own decision... part 2

part 1
Sometimes it comes to my mind, what life do i choose to live on? That question maybe comes out with easy for someone  that have a very one precise purpose in life. me? oh. i really tired living with full of hopes. so, for the first time i think i am just gonna go with the flow. slow but directed.

the reason why i type in this blog instead of diary because i'd like to share. not really personal, but still i kind of need something to express what i feel, and the very way that might be interesting is to share with others. "the others" might be not many but still, its a lot better than just keep it all by myself.

lately,my life is miserable. my sleep turns upside down. i got fever. feeling dizzy A LOT. and almost get into bad accident once because falling asleep when riding a motorcycle. how scary is that? but its all right after 2 days.the bruises healed eventually. 

What i want to point out is, it should be a reason when something happen. every action every move we do, its giving us reason what happen next. not believing crap? ok. i tell you. try trace your money, or maybe whatever things you have. by tracing them, then you will get lots of overlapping events and finally that give you what your life was about.

Don't blame the fate. blame your action onto it. 

maybe i am not have a perfect words but i know everyone understand whats the meaning..

- You are what you choose to be -


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