Monday, May 30, 2011

having difficulties with math? dyscalculia ??

Assalamualaikum.. you know. since primary school, i am always bad in math... Luckily. i just don't know why, i am always get an A when it comes to important exam.. like UPSR, PMR or SPM. maybe its just my good luck after a lot of effort.really...i know. i am not good in math. always. woooo. :(

Today i found something interesting in Science. Students who struggle to learn mathematics may have a neurocognitive disorder that inhibits the acquisition of basic numerical and arithmetic concepts, according to a new paper.There are studies said someone who not good in math maybe had dyscalculia. What is dyscalculia? it is a disease which according to research happen for someone that had a difficulties in solving mathematical problem, mentioned as developmental dyscalculia.

like dyslexia, dyscalculia is a condition we are born with, and may ne heritable in many or most cases. Research from twins and special populations suggests that an arimetical disability has a large genetic component, but genes responsible have not yet been located.There are many research had been done on neuroscience and developmental psychology to enhance a good teaching method for these type of students to do well in mathematics and success in that subject.
 "Results from neuroscience and developmental psychology tell us that dyscalculic learners need to practice far more number manipulation tasks than mainstream learners. Adaptive, game-like programs that focus on making numbers meaningful, emulating what skilled SEN teachers do, can help learners practice beyond the classroom and build the basic understanding they need to tackle arithmetic."Professor Laurillard
now i know why i always not good in math. maybe i got these type of gene. hehe... i just know who will be blame when my son or daughter in a future bad in math. yes. he REALLY good in math.... (my boyfriend)..thats will be good for my future children.  yeah!. :)

p/s: selalu lambat bila kira baki duit.. huuu. abg, teach me plz. i am taking statistics next sem.. :P
p/s 2: having network difficulties. jarang update sekarang.. sorry reader.. huhu

Thursday, May 19, 2011

ca and ci special edition~ a becoming event

Assalamulaikum.. first of all, this entry is a lil bit different, no science information, no talking about science or nature website news about new discovery. its all talking crap about me.. if you are not interested, just click x! no hard feeling...Second of all, this entry also about my lovey-dovey stories about me and my boyfriend no-one-cares, but i still wanna write... hehe.

Throughout my life, i 've become a very cheerful girl, and A LOT of boy-friends.. playgirl?no!! its just that i feel comfortable with boys, and on that time my character also boyish...but, i always think all of them as a friend.. not more than that. I am not rude, man i just can't accept them in that way..Couple? Seriously, me have a boyfriend? yeah. thats out of tune bro. thats not me...never -3 years ago.

I always have one rule, never ever dating someone before I get my degree.. but i broke it. i had a real boyfriend (steady) before i got into university. its depressed me at first.And its make me confused.. yeah, i am scared if I can't control my feeling and neglect my studies, but its happen in different ways.Since i known him,he gave me a lot of support.. he give me strength when i fell, he encourage me to study... he really take a good care of me, and also my life too!! and i  said, why don't i break my rule,and let my life becoming awesome instead? yeah, I don't want to break my precious rule out-of-nothing.Its must be someone that worth it.but still... its hard to decide.

If I accept him, will he be on my side forever? Will he truly can commits on me whenever i need him? and seriously,is he the ONE that you can make as a husband? 

Then, when he first proposed me at starbucks@times square.... 

"sya,do you want to be my girlfriend?" ... 

guess my answer?rite... :)
p/s: real story never lies. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Supercapacitors !!

Assalamulaikum.. how are you guys? i am SUPERB fine.... hehehe..  it is because, i am at home now!!!!! this holiday actually i decided to stay at Sabah since i got final year project to be done and need to start earlier, but at the last minute decision i travel back home but only for 1 week. its ok i guess, i am still enjoying my vacation..(chewahh).... i am, at  nice room comfort with cool air (aircond) and nice bed as it was. Home is like heaven! i sleep more than 8 hours a day!! don't blame me, its too comfort here. hehe...after two days i am back now was the first time i open my blog and decided to write something.. this is because there is much more things more interesting to do instead surfing the internet all day, like i usually do...

Yesterday, my sister do some birthday party for her first son,Mohd Irfan Daniel for him becoming 1 years old. i bought 1 pair of clothes to him.My first sister also come, kak long and her family and also some friends of my mom... we eat and laugh happily... Then as usual all my nephew ask me to bring out laptop because they wanted to play games.. Then i bring it out, without charger, just using batteries.. 

After a few hours, they come to me again and ask to switch on the laptop back... i ask, why?? then they said that my laptop turnoff automatically... then i realized, i just let them use the laptop by batteries, of course it does not stand too long. 3 hours for maximum time.. then i get the charger, plug it and then all of them happily playing games again.. nice to see all the kids happy.... :)

After a while, i started thinking... what if the we can get a batteries that can last long, for maybe all day? this problem of electric capacity had been practically on research for so many years. and of course, year to year they do get some improvisational and the batteries  technology is developing intensely. However, such all the research had been done, they got the higher energy capacity, but also requires a lot of time to charge it. The matter of time is really as an impact for people nowadays because time is very limited.
battery low!!
Then I search and discover some new research that they find a way to store electrical remarkably high storage capacity while retaining other attractive attributes such as superfast energy release, quick recharge time and a lifetime of at least 10 000 charge/ discharge cycles.
"Those properties make this new form of carbon particularly attractive for meeting electrical energy storage needs that also require a quick release of energy -- for instance, in electric vehicles or to smooth out power availability from intermittent energy sources, such as wind and solar power," said Brookhaven materials scientist Eric Stach, a co-author on a paper describing the material published in Science on May 12, 2011
It was called as SUPERCAPACITORS!! Supercapacitors are similar to batteries in that both store electric charge. Batteries do so through chemical reactions between metallic electrodes and a liquid electrolyte. Because these chemicals take time to react, energy is stored and released relatively slowly. But batteries can store a lot of energy and release it over a fairly long time.

Supercapacitors, on the other hand, store charge in the form of ions on the surface of the electrodes, similar to static electricity, rather than relying on chemical reactions. Charging the electrodes causes ions in the electrolyte to separate, or polarize, as well -- so charge gets stored at the interface between the electrodes and the electrolyte. Pores in the electrode increase the surface area over which the electrolyte can flow and interact -- increasing the amount of energy that can be stored -Yanwu Zhu et all

many types and design of capasitors

how its works

Therefore,maybe with this new technology we no need to worry that any of our electrical device run off of battery... no need to worry when we go travelling, our handphone got low batteries, trouble finding place with plug available to charge it, no more.... !!!! this prototype still in test, but somehow maybe after some few months or a years its will be in a marketplace... who knows? 

Thats all from me today.. happy holidays for those having it right now.. may peace upon you all!!! :)

p/s: after this product release, no need to worries your gps run off battery dear.. :P
p/s 2: hopes i can stay more longer at home... plzzzzz... (blink2 eyes) :P

Friday, May 6, 2011

turning 'bad' into 'good'..

Assalamulaikum, good morning all. i am wake up early in the morning today because i sleep around 11 pm last night. Pretty early huh? Recently, i sleep early than usual. i don't know why... hmmm..

So, how do you guys feeling today? mine was not so good. i have 3 killer paper next week and for these 2 days of free time i am not study any of those a bit.What the fish!The lazy of me appeared.. i don't know, sometimes i feel i a lil bit relax. and i am scared of it. i used to be very energetic+spiritual and many more. maybe my study engine for subject engineering need some time to be hot... i guess. (alasan! )

Besides, i eat a lot. no no. its not a lot, its always. I always eat. feel wanna eat something. i dont know what exactly happening to me. i should control my food, eat based on calorie, because, as far as i am concern, hmmmm.... how can i put this delicately... I AM FAT! yeah. this is what i said to myself and also what my family always keep talking about me. yeah. i heard bout that right. no comment, please don't. :P

this is not me. 
ok. then, i do an effort . i go to a fancy websites about diet management and so on. but. trust me, its not easy as you think.yes, you may promise will eat this and that because the food is less calories, good for metabolism bla bla bla..but you will eventually end up eating another food that is high in fat content, can be fat easily bla bla bla. .

This is not showing regretfulness, yet i still try to do my best to achieve the goal i wanted.So i really want to know, how i got fat. how can my appetite different from others?Somehow, i find something scientifically, yeah. since obesity is one of the major crisis and problem to many country as the number of people died because of obesity disease is rises year to year. Therefore, actually there a lot of research being done regarding to this problem.

"If we could get the human body to turn 'bad fat' into 'good fat' that burns calories instead of storing them, we could add a serious new tool to tackle the obesity epidemic in the United States,"  
-study leader Sheng Bi, M.D, an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
According to my reading,this high appetite syndrome is basically because a specific gene call neuropeptide (NPY)that stimulating the  appetite. based on Pei-Ting Chao et all research, the lower suppress of this gene will help to induced less appetite for people. and also, newest data also shown that this lower level of NPY quantity also turning the bad fat of the body regulations towards good fat.

This is happen when the rat used in that research is observe to produce more good fat that used to burn into energy more constantly despite stuck in the rat body. This is when these fat turning the bad fat characteristics towards a good one.Maybe, this resolutions will give new great discovery  to lower the obesity problem among people nowadays. 

I don't know, sometimes i feel terrible being a chubby little girl, i means i once wish i be a lil bit skinny so i can enjoy any dresses or any fancy clothes and be so gorgeous in those. but somehow i realized that i need to enjoy what ever on me as it be. because sometimes, something that we think  bad is exactly the good and the best thing for us.. like. maybe this chubbiness let me looks more cute? hehee... yeah. I am gonna repeat the same quotations, that is.........everything happen for a reason.. He knows what the best for us.

till then.. adios muchacho ~ :)

p/s: i am just happy when you happy...A.J :P
p/s 2: feel kind of nervous to see my supervisor today~

Tuesday, May 3, 2011



credits for natasha

as i mentioned earlier, i am on an exam week. just for a week i had done 4 paper in a row.Conclusion? i am not doing too good but the truth, i had tried my best. so . just let Him decide. :)

So. exam week is really tiring. this is because there are a lot of us actually study at the last minute...we actually need to prepare a way more earlier. but. yeah, there always a but... last minute study sometimes good too.. reason? don't ask. i am not ready... :P

As we all know, when we study, we need our brain to think, or to memories everything that we read.. if we study 24 hour a day, without rest... brain will started to drain off. Sometimes, we want to do other things, but end up with another.WHY??Scientific research found that, even we are full awake, some part of our brain still can sleep. Do you ever had the situations?

One day, you are full awake in the morning, so after breakfast you want to keep the cereal and milk back to the place. but somehow, you keep the cereal in the refrigerator and milk in the cupboard. you do the wrong actions without realizing. that is happened when a part of your brain nerve taking a nap. its called microsleep.

Reserachers at the University of Wiconsin-Madison found that some nerve cells in a sleep deprieved yet awake brain can briefly go off line into a sleep-like state, while the rest of the brain appears awake.
"specific groups of neurons may be falling asleep with negative consequences on performance"
 this explains why sometimes we do something that we don't intend to... a part of our brain gone offline for a while.thats scientific. but also. in reality.... we know that we need a good rest tough.

don't push too hard for your exam task.. study smart and by ALLAH will, we can get the perfect score. don't regret if your brain goes offline in exam hall!! (scary kan. nauzubillah)
Even the brain know to rest. so do we... :)

p/s: wish me luck for exam tomorrow. :)
p/s 2: i wish u good luck in your viva today, A.J.. :)

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