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Today is my bad day. suddenly my motorcycle punctured in the middle of the road. I am very lucky i am safe without accident because I am clearly unable to control my motorcycle and nearly hit by a car.. luckily the car driver hit the break, and i am back safe.. :)

Then again, i am rather not writing about my bad day, but you know, some other times i always go through page by page in this blog so that  I can  remember this day. its kind of my thing. :) As i am back, i am thinking about bad things that happened to me..  for the record, I once got a severe bruise on my back, dislocated my jaws, and had a very bad allergy.. 

Despite other things, I want to share about my allergy reactions. Note that I am finally studying those things now, I think this might be interesting science fact to write about. When my age is 7 -12 years old, i am having a very bad allergy in my life. It was like, everything is inconsiderate with my body. First I know that my body cannot accept certain type of food like fish and prawn... If I eat some of that, my body will burns into flames, so to speak. my body started to feel itchy and started to bruise like i am bite by a mosquitoes. Its started with some parts and grows to all of my part of the body. I cannot sleep. I cannot eat. its too hurtful.

not me

I am always go to the emergency room like 2 am in the morning because my father cannot stand me crying the whole night mentioning that my body is hurt. Then we will go to hospital,and i will get an injection and the allergies reactions started to stop few hours later. I always wonder why. Of course on that time I think that doctor has a power to kill things that burning me, (for god sake I was 7 years old, hehe) 

Now that i am studying hypersensitivity reactions, which included my type of allergy, I finally understand the mechanism in my body and in what cause do I feel like that 14 years ago.This type of allergy is fall in the type 1 in hypersensitivity reactions in which the high production of IgE antibodies in my body. When allergen is comes in my body, its reveal as foreign substance in my body thus secreted the chemical interaction to produce more antibodies to you know, attached with them.but as the number of allergen is more, the IgE antibody will highly proliferates and the cross linking between them might cause symptoms towards allergies effect.As antibody attached to the mast cell, the allergen anticipate will will degranulates the mast cell and release a chemical signal like histamine and thus cause the inflammation to occur. 

that is why, when my allergic got worse, the doctor will stick in a needle and after a while i will be fine. That syringe is actually antihistamine that blocks the signal towards inflammation. therefore, after that, i will be fine...

Wow, its very amusing when you know what actually happened in your body after all..Even its just a single thing.

As I quote my lecturer ."You will not taking any food you like if you know what actually happen in your body when you consumed it. Don't take things for granted. " (Dr Ivy,2011)

think before eat

p/s: after 6 years suffering, know i am lowly in allergic symptoms. even sometimes i am still cannot stand with certain things.. Thanks for my immune system... :)

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