Friday, August 5, 2011

Self Healing? Self Cooling?

Assalamualaikum and hello for non muslim~

Still, i know i really can't update the entry always, juz. sometimes the time is just not right. Trust me, everyone need time to actually write something. Although i am not really know, is there anyone actually read my blog,every entry or just click because of the images that i clipped together, still i need time to focus on writing.Who knows, information that I mention in here may help someone. lets hope on that. :)

engineered vascular system 

Self Healing? Self Cooling? Am I wanna talk about superheroes here? Although I may like superheroes like HEROES movie, that actually can do all that but I know in reality human actually can't do that bizarre. maybe if miracle happen someday,its possible but lets hold on it.I might come out with one more entry about it, clearly on genetic advancement. hehe

So what about these "self" things?? Actually,in recent articles that i read a week ago,there are scientist make a research on making metamaterial to become self healing and self cooling. Metamaterials are artificial material engineered to have properties that may not found in nature. 

As we studies in biological circulatory system, a cell have a structural composites and able to heal, cool and many other things as it is alive.Taking their cue,University of illnois researchers have developed vascularized structural composites, creating materials that are lightweight and strong with potential of self healing,self cooling and many more.

self healing plastics
"we can make a material now that's truly multifunctional by simple circulating fluids that do different things within the same material system " said Scott White, the Willet professor of aerospace engineering.

In the paper, the researchers demonstrate four classes of application by circulating different fluids through a vascular composite: temperature regulation, chemistry, conductivity and electromagnetism. They regulate temperature by circulating coolant or a hot fluid. To demonstrate a chemical reaction, they injected chemicals into different vascular branches that merged, mixing the chemicals to produce a luminescent reaction. They made the structure electrically active by using conductive liquid, and changed its electromagnetic signature with ferrofluids -- a key property for stealth applications.

A vascularized structural material can do almost everything! more reading at here.

This is a very good finding as looking forward for many problem in controlling heat capacity in operator machines especially in aerospace engineering field.. 

Maybe someday, we can have a laptop will never hot and never rot.. Self cooling and self healing right... who knows??

p/s: someone promised me to post an entry about his course(aerospace engineering) but never do. then again i put it in myself. huhu ...
p/s:coming right issues on antioxidant. still gathering information.. hehe

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