Wednesday, July 27, 2011

you are so beautiful ::monologue

angelina jolie 

What makes someone so beautiful in my eyes? 
Because they got everything I dreamed of. I dont know sometimes i feel a lil bit down by seeing other people soooo freaking beautiful rather than myself..

Why cant I be like them? 
I am very stubborn. I never care with anything that matters to become beautiful. I simply ignores that.That is the natural phenomena of human being. Never satisfied on anything they owned. Am I ?


Never judge a book by its cover .  
---> if the cover is not beautiful make sure the content is worth for the  reader right?

I will make sure I am worth for someone that always see me beautiful the way I am.
 thank you.

p/s: byk jumpa kwn2 lama kat fb n ttbe down tgk dorang cun2.. apesal tah. :(

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