Sunday, July 17, 2011

series i like :)

Assalamualaikum. evening all. i am a teacher now! hehe. not really 'teacher' that teach at school actually. i been a tutor for standard two student.Its been a week already. its kind of my other job rather than only flunking around the lab and being stressed out. its nice sometimes we be able to give our knowledge for the younger one. it feel blessed. seriously teacher is a good work. now i am substantially understand what my sister's feeling. (two of my sister are teacher)

Other than that, my experiments is nearly done( if i work hard for the next 3 weeks). I have done half of it, sort of. What i am worried for is the writing. i am never started writing anything about my thesis. i mean like a pulling-all-nighter work i guess. i need to focus actually but i am stucked on many of tv series that i downloaded these holiday. so i spent a lot of time watching them! oh my! :)

One of TV series i lately like to watch now is Charmed. its a little lame right? the tv series is started like 1996 i guess. i am never search any info about that, but all i know its very interesting that make me never missed the every episodes since it was showing in the tv that time. And now, my obsession come again! :D

the other series i been watching were the bigbang theory, no ordinary family, leverage and vampire diaries. fiction .. but i like! 


ok fellow, thats all about me to go. later! :)

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