Wednesday, July 13, 2011

unraveling the mystery


its been a week maybe, i  am never posted anything in blog..seems u genius enough,u muat know the phrase,life full of surprises.Its happening to me.I thought my lab work will be finished soon but turns out the method is more complicated that i never imagined. So that is my life now. always in lab the whole day.. okay. enough for that.

What do you expect when read the title above? mystery of universe? mystery by the end of the world? 

oh..not all that. that one need a very good understanding and a lot of reading to be pointing out in the blog and must be really difficult to write too... 

So what mystery? 

its about a mystery of mine. sound interesting huh? not really actually.. 

ready to start?

1. i am born after 7 month in my mother's uterus which 2 months after i am living in the incubator
2.i am allergic to dust, specific fish and pennicilin
3.I am not keeping secret. 
4. i am hardly changes any product I used
5. i am the sixth daughter in the family but tell people i am the fifth.(Because 1 of my sister had died. oh. may ALLAH bless her... )

hhmmmm. still not really interesting yeah? told ya~!

since i know all the crap i wrote not really makes the reader will be interested to read about, so i tend to write another agenda.

new in sciences daily. may i quote:

"As a leading paper published  in journal of proceeding of the National of Sciences (PNAS) the study uses the well-established IUCN Red List that the linking population is declines in extenction risk. Its examines 200 predictions of the future effects of climate change that 1 out of the 10 species will faces extinction. "

what do you think so? yes friends,world is changing... what should we do? if i want to suggest that we create a machines that can fly over to our atmosphere  and fix the climate, its looks like impossible. So whats my advices, go to zoo.. study the all the species on Earth. Do that before its too late... ~ :)

ps 1: i am still having a mystery thinking who ate my biscuit that i left in my desk.
ps 2: i want to go zoo again with you my dear!  miss the memory already! :P

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