Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Healthy Laughters~

Assalamualaikum... hye guys. its been a while right. yeah, i don't know i feel like kind of lazy to write anything.. but i don't want to be like 'hangat2 tahi ayam' so i will try to keep updating my blog unless it was good for nothing .. so there comes the title above.Curious? yeah me too. so, lets proceed..... 

Discussing about laughters, have you ever think why we laugh? how can if there is funny things happen or anything that appears funny to us we will eventually laugh? As well as crying, laughter is also acceptable culturally for a variety of reasons.Sometimes because of person name for example a chinese ,named Ta Lee Pon. Suppose there is no reason for a chinese to laugh for that person's name, but for us or anyone that understands malay will cry to laugh because the name pronounce like telephone(telefon=Ta lee Pon)hahaa..

People ore often said that Laughter is the best medicine and this is also not far from the truth.When we laugh, the body makes facial gestures and sounds. The body relaxes during laughter. The diaphragm, abdominal, respiratory, facial, leg and back muscles all get a workout. Scientists have found that laughing one hundred times is equal to a ten-minute workout on a rowing machine, or fifteen minutes on an exercise bike.

Besides,laughter will help us promote healing in the body by lowering blood pressure and increasing blood flow. When we laugh, the production of T -cells that destroy tumors and viruses increase, and more Gamma interferon (which is a disease fighting protein) is released. Laughter has been found to reduce the amount of stress hormones and help us cope with our lives better.Yeah, its happened when we laugh guys, and we never realize.. :)

Not only that, laughters are also contagious! (perasan tak) when other people laugh, everyone around also starting to laugh. Therefore, when we upset on something, after we go watched some movies we eventually lets all the stress out ! Yeah. its proven in psychological studies, Geotology- the scientific names to the study of laughters.

Scientists have discovered that within four- tenths of a second of seeing something humorous, an electrical wave moved through the cerebral cortex of our brain. And it is always different reactions through peoples. Sometimes for us its to funny, but for someone else is not really funny.That us because the path or electrical wave is different.If the wave took a negative charge, there was laughter. if not,vice versa.Many areas of the brain are involved in making us laugh. The emotional, the intellectual, and the sensory processing parts of our brain all plays a role in stimulating the motor sections of our brain to physically make us laugh!! 

So guys, call me crazy,(CRAZY!!!) but when its comes something that really makes me stressful i like to laugh loudly... yeah. its crazy but for me this is the most convenient and effective ways to reduce the tension. Instead of crying for regretfulness, i usually laugh. i am not saying we cannot cry, crying is good too to release stress but.... (kenapa nak membazir air mata syg??) <-- padahal sya pun suka nanges kdg2.oppssss. hehe

Last but not least, laughters also make up bonding within people. For example when in a very gloomy classroom and everyone are serious paying attention what lecturer teach, and suddenly one of the students farts soundly.. i am sure the whole students in the class will laugh!!! Laughter becomes a way to show power over the emotional climate of the group. When someone is embarrassed or threatened, laughter can defuse the situation by deflecting the anger and accepting humiliation.  

So. its good for us to laugh. But still don't overlaugh.Like people says.. (jangan banyak gelak nanti cepat lupa) Yes, we also might forget little things because the part of our brains is switched when we laugh. 

All in all, for me Laughters means happiness... So. lets laugh and be happy!!!

p/s: i love people making stupid jokes sometimes.. :P
p/s 2: for AJ, thanks for making me happy. your jokes sometimes really make me burst my laugh into tearsss! :P


  1. Tapi Nabi kata kalau banyak gelak, boleh matikan hati.. haa camne tu..?

  2. sbb tu la kata jangan overlaugh... last paragraph. kalo sekali sekala xpe. jangan sampai alpa.. :)


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