Friday, May 6, 2011

turning 'bad' into 'good'..

Assalamulaikum, good morning all. i am wake up early in the morning today because i sleep around 11 pm last night. Pretty early huh? Recently, i sleep early than usual. i don't know why... hmmm..

So, how do you guys feeling today? mine was not so good. i have 3 killer paper next week and for these 2 days of free time i am not study any of those a bit.What the fish!The lazy of me appeared.. i don't know, sometimes i feel i a lil bit relax. and i am scared of it. i used to be very energetic+spiritual and many more. maybe my study engine for subject engineering need some time to be hot... i guess. (alasan! )

Besides, i eat a lot. no no. its not a lot, its always. I always eat. feel wanna eat something. i dont know what exactly happening to me. i should control my food, eat based on calorie, because, as far as i am concern, hmmmm.... how can i put this delicately... I AM FAT! yeah. this is what i said to myself and also what my family always keep talking about me. yeah. i heard bout that right. no comment, please don't. :P

this is not me. 
ok. then, i do an effort . i go to a fancy websites about diet management and so on. but. trust me, its not easy as you think.yes, you may promise will eat this and that because the food is less calories, good for metabolism bla bla bla..but you will eventually end up eating another food that is high in fat content, can be fat easily bla bla bla. .

This is not showing regretfulness, yet i still try to do my best to achieve the goal i wanted.So i really want to know, how i got fat. how can my appetite different from others?Somehow, i find something scientifically, yeah. since obesity is one of the major crisis and problem to many country as the number of people died because of obesity disease is rises year to year. Therefore, actually there a lot of research being done regarding to this problem.

"If we could get the human body to turn 'bad fat' into 'good fat' that burns calories instead of storing them, we could add a serious new tool to tackle the obesity epidemic in the United States,"  
-study leader Sheng Bi, M.D, an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
According to my reading,this high appetite syndrome is basically because a specific gene call neuropeptide (NPY)that stimulating the  appetite. based on Pei-Ting Chao et all research, the lower suppress of this gene will help to induced less appetite for people. and also, newest data also shown that this lower level of NPY quantity also turning the bad fat of the body regulations towards good fat.

This is happen when the rat used in that research is observe to produce more good fat that used to burn into energy more constantly despite stuck in the rat body. This is when these fat turning the bad fat characteristics towards a good one.Maybe, this resolutions will give new great discovery  to lower the obesity problem among people nowadays. 

I don't know, sometimes i feel terrible being a chubby little girl, i means i once wish i be a lil bit skinny so i can enjoy any dresses or any fancy clothes and be so gorgeous in those. but somehow i realized that i need to enjoy what ever on me as it be. because sometimes, something that we think  bad is exactly the good and the best thing for us.. like. maybe this chubbiness let me looks more cute? hehee... yeah. I am gonna repeat the same quotations, that is.........everything happen for a reason.. He knows what the best for us.

till then.. adios muchacho ~ :)

p/s: i am just happy when you happy...A.J :P
p/s 2: feel kind of nervous to see my supervisor today~


  1. "something that we think bad is exactly the good and the best thing for us.." love it!

  2. thanx2! cam best je blog baru ko.. hehe


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