Thursday, May 19, 2011

ca and ci special edition~ a becoming event

Assalamulaikum.. first of all, this entry is a lil bit different, no science information, no talking about science or nature website news about new discovery. its all talking crap about me.. if you are not interested, just click x! no hard feeling...Second of all, this entry also about my lovey-dovey stories about me and my boyfriend no-one-cares, but i still wanna write... hehe.

Throughout my life, i 've become a very cheerful girl, and A LOT of boy-friends.. playgirl?no!! its just that i feel comfortable with boys, and on that time my character also boyish...but, i always think all of them as a friend.. not more than that. I am not rude, man i just can't accept them in that way..Couple? Seriously, me have a boyfriend? yeah. thats out of tune bro. thats not me...never -3 years ago.

I always have one rule, never ever dating someone before I get my degree.. but i broke it. i had a real boyfriend (steady) before i got into university. its depressed me at first.And its make me confused.. yeah, i am scared if I can't control my feeling and neglect my studies, but its happen in different ways.Since i known him,he gave me a lot of support.. he give me strength when i fell, he encourage me to study... he really take a good care of me, and also my life too!! and i  said, why don't i break my rule,and let my life becoming awesome instead? yeah, I don't want to break my precious rule out-of-nothing.Its must be someone that worth it.but still... its hard to decide.

If I accept him, will he be on my side forever? Will he truly can commits on me whenever i need him? and seriously,is he the ONE that you can make as a husband? 

Then, when he first proposed me at starbucks@times square.... 

"sya,do you want to be my girlfriend?" ... 

guess my answer?rite... :)
p/s: real story never lies. :)

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