Friday, February 11, 2011

The Lost Ants.......

Assalamualaikum... what are you doing? ok.i am just finished cleaning my desk. WHY IT IS SO MANY ANTS??? ahh.oke,,taksuka!!. kaco lah, nak siapkan assignment pun tak i choose to update my blogs with some information about it!! haha. idea idea. ehee..Ok,i know. ants is cute,(bugs story movie) but it was very disturbing when they keep crawling on my desk. my hand. n my legs too!eeeeuww. geli geli..have u ever had the same situation???

Do you know that ants produce chemical signals when they walking? thats why when ants walk on one path, yet another ants will follow right behind... Then they looks like an army squad. lining entire your desk,cupboard and anywhere else.They never walks alone. the first ants leave chemical signaling and can be detected by the next ants.Thats why they keep walking on the same path, over and over until all of their colony gets your sweets food or drinks looks like "sea of ants"!! 

So. how do you deal with these ants? me? haha... i like to play with these ants. since they like to play on my food,so lets play with them! hehe. i love to make these ants confused. how? just some touch on their walking path, and make it pointing to another way. its make you disturb their chemical signaling. so. the next ants will be lost its way! So funny to looks the ants confused where to go. hehe. Try it. try now... :)

Ahhaaa.... there are some new research that the dead ants still produce their chemical signal, but a lil bit different with the signals when they alive.. Apparently, to keep their fellow hivemates from hauling them to the graveyard, living ants constantly produce another set of chemicals that mark them as alive and well. Upon death, these "alive" signals cease to be produced and dissipate quickly, leaving only the long-lasting "dead" chemical on the body and alerting other ants that cleanup is necessary. interesting! :)

p/s: lots of lab report and assignment to be finished! just short update.. huhu.


  1. hey! pembuli semut. die ngadu kat polis karang,

  2. hehe. yoi. sape suruh semut tu kaco sya. :)


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