Monday, May 30, 2011

having difficulties with math? dyscalculia ??

Assalamualaikum.. you know. since primary school, i am always bad in math... Luckily. i just don't know why, i am always get an A when it comes to important exam.. like UPSR, PMR or SPM. maybe its just my good luck after a lot of effort.really...i know. i am not good in math. always. woooo. :(

Today i found something interesting in Science. Students who struggle to learn mathematics may have a neurocognitive disorder that inhibits the acquisition of basic numerical and arithmetic concepts, according to a new paper.There are studies said someone who not good in math maybe had dyscalculia. What is dyscalculia? it is a disease which according to research happen for someone that had a difficulties in solving mathematical problem, mentioned as developmental dyscalculia.

like dyslexia, dyscalculia is a condition we are born with, and may ne heritable in many or most cases. Research from twins and special populations suggests that an arimetical disability has a large genetic component, but genes responsible have not yet been located.There are many research had been done on neuroscience and developmental psychology to enhance a good teaching method for these type of students to do well in mathematics and success in that subject.
 "Results from neuroscience and developmental psychology tell us that dyscalculic learners need to practice far more number manipulation tasks than mainstream learners. Adaptive, game-like programs that focus on making numbers meaningful, emulating what skilled SEN teachers do, can help learners practice beyond the classroom and build the basic understanding they need to tackle arithmetic."Professor Laurillard
now i know why i always not good in math. maybe i got these type of gene. hehe... i just know who will be blame when my son or daughter in a future bad in math. yes. he REALLY good in math.... (my boyfriend)..thats will be good for my future children.  yeah!. :)

p/s: selalu lambat bila kira baki duit.. huuu. abg, teach me plz. i am taking statistics next sem.. :P
p/s 2: having network difficulties. jarang update sekarang.. sorry reader.. huhu

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