Tuesday, May 3, 2011



credits for natasha

as i mentioned earlier, i am on an exam week. just for a week i had done 4 paper in a row.Conclusion? i am not doing too good but the truth, i had tried my best. so . just let Him decide. :)

So. exam week is really tiring. this is because there are a lot of us actually study at the last minute...we actually need to prepare a way more earlier. but. yeah, there always a but... last minute study sometimes good too.. reason? don't ask. i am not ready... :P

As we all know, when we study, we need our brain to think, or to memories everything that we read.. if we study 24 hour a day, without rest... brain will started to drain off. Sometimes, we want to do other things, but end up with another.WHY??Scientific research found that, even we are full awake, some part of our brain still can sleep. Do you ever had the situations?

One day, you are full awake in the morning, so after breakfast you want to keep the cereal and milk back to the place. but somehow, you keep the cereal in the refrigerator and milk in the cupboard. you do the wrong actions without realizing. that is happened when a part of your brain nerve taking a nap. its called microsleep.

Reserachers at the University of Wiconsin-Madison found that some nerve cells in a sleep deprieved yet awake brain can briefly go off line into a sleep-like state, while the rest of the brain appears awake.
"specific groups of neurons may be falling asleep with negative consequences on performance"
 this explains why sometimes we do something that we don't intend to... a part of our brain gone offline for a while.thats scientific. but also. in reality.... we know that we need a good rest tough.

don't push too hard for your exam task.. study smart and by ALLAH will, we can get the perfect score. don't regret if your brain goes offline in exam hall!! (scary kan. nauzubillah)
Even the brain know to rest. so do we... :)

p/s: wish me luck for exam tomorrow. :)
p/s 2: i wish u good luck in your viva today, A.J.. :)

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