Friday, April 8, 2011

an answer about woman~


Back then, we used to say. How come i can do this, i am a girl. I don't allowed to do that, i am girl. Orait. Some peoples say, there are nothing impossible. then after that, comes more and more impossible things become possible.There are female president, yet female also conquered the education standards, from primary level until university level. Years by year, there must be an incrementation in the number of female students. No boundaries anymore. Woman say they can do anything what man can do. 

In science, there are a lot and lot more of female researcher that really capable in finding such an interesting theories like Marie Curie-co founder in establishment radiation of beta and gamma ray,Anita Roberts-molecular biologist, and many more.Ok. you might find you never know these woman but the point is, they contribute a lot in discovery of science and in social contribution of human.They proved woman can do like man do.

The idea of woman being more and more excellent, more powerful, led me into one question... what is the limit..?how far a woman can goes? we will never know till the end of the day. We might see one day woman control everything in lives. 

Then, comes a bunch of guy. they said. we are the real leader!(man). you(woman) cannot lead us.Obligation through the theories of Islam, Adam lead Hawa. Imam also must be a man.You women are not feasible... cannot lead this and that..... accept it!

ok who say we want to lead?Is it our fault we are so excellent? I am not considering the term which woman weak is wrong. we know, we are weak. we simply had uncontrolled  emotions.sometimes we rather do decision depends on our emotion... thats not the good attitude to be leader. 

My point is, a man should be more responsibility, more in capability, more intelligent as they supposed too.. in this case, there will be vast difference between man and female...Don't simply antagonize with  the opinion that woman want to conquered everything. If you all men so slow, lack of effort, not responsible then who else we can depend on? You said you are LEADER, then be it. prove it you ALWAYSSSSS step forward from woman.. 

please guys, we need a good leader.. and it will always and must be YOU...don't let your power of being a leader replaceable.. by a WOMAN. its a challenge!

p/s: plan nak tulis pasal mende laen, tapi end up tulis pasal ni.sory ya.
p/s 2: effect for an entry i read it yesterday. click here. about woman weakness ~


  1. haha~~ mestilah. cewah. padahal nak ckp pasal laen memula.. :)


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