Monday, February 14, 2011

I am not lazy, i am just SUPER busy!!

oh no. look at  all the spiderweb around this blog. orite,No! i am not lazy, i am just super busy!!After all, i will still try to post something tonight although all the assignments and lab reports waiting for me to be finished.And I also had 2 quizzes today and have one more on Wednesday.You know, all of these works will never ends. Even in  study week too,we still doing assignment because of the due date is about that time...takpe takpe. Study smart sya! hehe

So as we all know, tomorrow is Maulidurrasul. So that all of us got one day holiday. Thats why i decided to take a breath and write something to refresh my mine. oke.i want to express something in my feeling. Recently, i feel discomfort.i know, i always use holiday as an excuse to do just something else and not studying.Because i always thinks i can do it another time.I can study when tomorrow,next week,next month. And. i will end up with study at night before final exam!!!!!oh.  so i think i must change this attitude soon. no! i mean NOW!!

We all know that we must to spend time wisely.Whatever we do, we must to balance it well. Same thing with our health. if we want to stay healthy, we must to eat food in balance nutrition. So friends, don't ever use "BUSY" as the reason if you don't success. (oke,kena batang hidung sendiri. huhu)this is because being busy is the things that shows u becoming a SUCCESS person...!!(Yeay!! hehe)

Many people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist.They are wrong.It is character. ---Albert Einstein.

There are no S_CCESS without U!!!! 
So good luck for all of you readers and good luck for me too!!  
 p/s: rasa bersalah dengan family if tak mula hard dari sekarang. tolong suruh sya rajin study sekarang!!huhu..

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