Wednesday, June 29, 2011



I am sorry lately my post is mostly about myself, not kind of knowledgeable ones like older post which i usually did some research on the basic science that had been post by academics. i don't know, i feel like i want to change the genre of my blogs because in this times i am not really have so much times to write something that need a good research and understanding. so, i tend to write what i think of. 

1 more, i feel like i want to start writing a story, after going through some novels, i feel like i am kind of interested to produce some. Since I was a kid am always creating story, write in a book and gave to my mom and dad to read it and comment about it. just. i think i wanna do that again. in the same time, i could improve my writing skills...

So thats all for now. good night fellow. sleep tight! :P

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