Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Aim to the top!

Assalamualaikum.. everyone had their good times... sometimes we success, sometimes we are not. depends on your effort. back in a few years, i am a very successful person.. i got straight A's in all exam. I got first rank in my batch... i am the first person in my siblings that got into boarding school. i am my family's hope. 

As times goes by, i got, may i call a "bitter" result in SPM. i am very devastated. disappointed. regretted. everythings is ruined. my life is like does not have light anymore. I am no longer the proud of my family. On that time, i realized.What peoples say is is like a wheel. sometimes we are on the top. sometimes we fell to the bottom. I got my turn to fell and fell to be the bottom ones. i make myself calm. i said to myself and believe. Everythings happen for  reason. i know i will be back to the top someday. 


I got many obstacle to make myself to the top. I got a lot of test. All I can say, ALLAH the Almighty is very FAIR. (ALLAH itu Maha Adil). I miss something, i got something better. I lost one thing, I got another offer. Its happens for me about 2 to 3 times. I really thanks to ALLAH for what He gives to me. its really valuable for me. 

Now on, I am university, studying for degree. Not to mention i am so good in pointer every sem that i can proud of, just i think i may climb the stairs step by step towards the tops. And i hope i never fall again. Again, the wheel never stop to the same location. whats been at the bottom may comes towards the top.. I hope someday. 

p/s: this is the older post i meant to post earlier but never post. 
p/s 2: i am so happy celebrating my birthday with my friends earlier.thanx syikin, post kat blog. check it out! birthday party..

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