Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shaving armpit hair risk to breast cancer??

I guess i have some free time to share something ... i had read about one interesting fact for woman. Percentage to get breast cancer is higher when woman shave their armpit! Is that shocked you much? Woah. its really shock me at first.... and sound. disgusting a bit. do you ever imagine a week or a month WITHOUT shaving ? oh. its really uncomfortable !!

Studies show that armpit actually protect our body from the bacteria or any chemical substance that can lead to the near the area of our arm, which is breast. Some of the chemical, like our deodorant is actually contain some of the chemical agent that not really favorable to our body internal defense. its make these armpit the first line immune defense to protect our body.

Anderson cancer center conclude that woman that shave their armpits hair had 10 %  higher risk to get a breast cancer. Dr Therese Bevers from M D. Anderson state that when woman shave their armpit, there will be small wound that cannot seen with eyes and porous on that area will larger. There will be a chance for toxin and chemical product like deodorant,powder and cream to penetrate the skin. These toxin will accumulate in the breast and the effect will lead to breast cancer...

so. what do you choose?? hygiene or healthy??

p/s: i rather choose hygiene actually. huhu


  1. hai comel. healthy! healthy!

    healthy is hygiene la. ape daa

  2. but having cancer is unhealthy right.ape daa.. :P


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