Saturday, April 2, 2011

thanks to them.

Assalamulaikum.. Alhamdulillah, we still  alive. Everyday after awake from sweet dream, remember to say alhamdulillah. syukur.. we still alive. What purpose we live? to be a better person, to pursue better luck , and hopes all better in everything we do. 

As i said in this entry i wanna do redemption about all entry that full in my draft but i never post it. here is one of them. this is about all the well known peoples,geniuses who contributed to our life, society and especially to the science discoveries. Boring enough to read i am talking about science, so you can click blog is about me and anything i like, so i am really obsess with science discoveries, so... since not everyone like what i like.its up to you to choose. 

-->> last week i went to immunology lab. we learn about enzyme determination of blood. as we all know, enzyme is very important in our body. once its stop functioning, we will die. all the reaction is mostly depends on the existence of enzymes in our learn this isolation, we need to kill 4 very cute mice!! oh. ok. i am repeatedly said i am sorry before kill them.(hope they understand).We need to get blood from the mice about 2 eppendorf tube. its about 1-2 ml i guess.How do we get the blood?we remove their EYES and squeezed from it!!!

but still, the blood we got was not enough. then we need to cut their body and get in from heart! oh.. i am really sorry mice, i wanted to learn. i promise i will do my best in my study and help peoples. make your death worthy!

See, do you know, in other to success in anything,we need to sacrifice. either us, or others. they must be something we need to let go. just like we study, to get success we actually need to spend more time on studying, we sacrificed our time to do that. same like any experiment i recently learn, we used mice and as i overhear from my supervisor i will also use mice for my final year project. to obtain a nice good result,i probably need to kill 100 mice a day!!! can you imagine that???

Back to the story, while we waiting for the blood homogenized, the lab assistant(demonstrater) tell stories about famous scientist in the world. as all of us  are biotechnologist to be, he tell us about how all these scientist actually succeeded in their research. And mostly they actually died because of their own research!!

Not only that,once,there are scientist was trying to test Cynide. Cynide was really strong acid and really dangerous. as this scientist really want to know about what it taste, he actually test it on himself! before he taste it, he said to his sister "after i taste this, i will died, before i died i will write what is the taste on this paper so people will know what the cynide taste like"

Then he really taste it, but sadly..... before he died, he just manage to write S on the paper. because of that,we still don't know is it sour,sweet,or salty....

i am so amazed after heard the story and i really want to thanx to them...We might died after having fever if they don't find the antibody to fight it. We might died because of small injury if there is no cure. so.. thanx to them. thanx to all the researcher, we still survive.. and of course, thanx to ALLAH for giving us chances to live everyday. ALHAMDULILLAH.... :)

p/s: 2 weeks to go for the final exam, i must work hard!
p/s 2: sejak 2 menjak A.J beli drum ni, maen sokmo dye. sya pun nak tumpang sekaki nanti!hehee :P

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