Monday, April 4, 2011

wonderful time ..

wonderful right?

Assalamulaikum..Everyone must have their own wonderful time.Back in times,as for an ordinary girl like me having a bike for birthday present makes me shouting as loud as I can,and its become the happiest day of my life. but, maybe for some kids, a bike.. eh? its not something wonderful for you to shout out loud. its not like you get a horse(more expensive).. geezz..!

what my point is,for some reasons, a minor thing happen will really makes your heart really happy, its not about luxury that always makes you happy. Yes, it may be wonderful, but deep inside the heart its not really it. luxurious still makes person feels lonely.its one word will solved it for real.. its L.O.V.E. love...

So you think everyone must have couples? Every single person will not happy??Ops!!!stop right there!! Love is a wide prospect. why you peoples always pointing love direct to the loveydovey things between man and woman?? I am asking you. do you love your mom? your dad? your laptop? your bike? is it coupled with you? love is everything. its not only the story bout boyfriend and all stuff..just. dont simply antagonize it.

its make me laugh to remember all the wonderful time has happened to me.Thanks ALLAH,coz still give me chances to live and have more and more wonderful time. lets say Alhamdulillah together to pay every seconds breath we got everyday...

i had my wonderful times..(smiling)... what yours? if you have a story bout it, i am glad to read.(link at the comments)

p/s:my wonderful time is every single time with the one I love!:)
p/s2: i am homesick. oh plz i wanna jump to kl right now!

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