Friday, April 1, 2011



Hye friends, family and any stranger who ever read my blogs.haha(perasan org baca).First of all, i am feeling glad today because I already finished my last midterm this evening. immunology. Yes, i know everyone were already busy preparing for final exam, but just to have some celebration after having 3 midterm that mostly very tough questions, that i had no enoughsleep-regretted-guilty-shed a tears feeling.... hah. apa tu. ngarut dah cik sya ni. hehe

Enough with that, so today i wanna do redemption. In case, i want to redeem all the non-post entry that i want-to-post-but busy-so-later la, full in my draft .. yeah. is not really easy to post everything, all things must to be considered.if i am updating about emotion,I must to check it,whether it is filtered with any personal information, otherwise, its may be a controversial issue.Yeah dear friend, don't mess with this so called  cyber-world. One step you become someone that everyone love, but one step you do wrong... you will fall out of their sight.The worse part, then all the lovey-dovey fan become your haters..

Its a nature of Life anyway. 

p/s: nak qada' tidur! hehe
p/s2: post macam tergantung kan? nak mandi continue later... hehe

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