Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dream and Drive!

I dont know what to write to update my blog. i've been thinking for about 2 hours, and finally i decided to talk about car.WHAT? don't you ever think that girls don't know A THING about CAR.. err.oke fine. i am not really an EXPERT about car,, but.i also have my dream car..  don't blame me guys, they are HOT. hehe.

I dont know about latest sports car now, and i am not type of person that love everything that is new. for me, sometimes old version its better... same like soulmate, the older the better..(aisehh, tbe2 jiwang)..oke. this is my list. it was actually a lot at first, but i think i just narrow it down to FOUR, because a ton of assignments actually need to get done later.So, there it is...


Its HUGE! yeah rite. i like it that way. I always imagine to have a long ride in this car. I donno. bigs makes me comfortable. no cramping hands or legs. if you want to go anywhere, maybe your cousin's wedding or anywhere  you can just invite as many person as you want, like the whole family i guess. Oke, it is not a bus, but the point is, its HUGE! and..... has a simple design for me. i like it. very much. 
Hopes to get it: 10 years from now. when I be a very famous researcher that can treat cancer. so i will have a lot of money to spend... !! oh. Dream......

Yeah rite.. again. its HUGE! haha... i am started to like this car when i am at SABAH. you know, this precious land is very adventure as its not really being explored... Hills is everywhere. therefore, this type of car obviously seen in Sabah.... this car very good for traveler... !! and I love travelling! oke. cukup. belajar dulu sya, belajar belajar... hehee...
Hope to get it: 15 years from now. for my second car after alphard. can use it for travelling around the world!! Adventurous journey into deep forest! i likeeee.... hehe

Cute!! yes... his cuteness really attract me... and somehow i wonder,the design is perodua kelisa i guess. still. i think its quite nice for girls...(imagining myself drive it),,, wow.Super cute!!hehe
Hopes to get it: a birthday present from my future husband.. ehem ehemm... ada org terasa x.... hehe..

Oke. its my daddy's car...  i am not really a fan of Honda, but since my father bought it, i significantly understand why it was really admired by people. Even my dad also saving his money this whole time to buy this car.Maybe Honda's design is varies and super cool and the maintenance is also good... Comfortable, Fun fact no 3: You don't ever realise you are in the car. after u wake up from sleeping( in case its a long journey) suddenly you actually arrived. Very comfortable ! 
Hope to get it: I actually drove this car already! its my dad's remember??? maybe i just wait my father get a new car, so that i can own him... heheee....

Allrite, i know. why it was not malaysian car? yes. i guess my taste is not there.However, its does not denied their quality. Malaysian car is not bad either ... Its just different person has different taste. Even if the fans of cars will say, i am not up to date. yeah.... there must be a lot of cars that has a very nice design, but... i dont know, i prefer to like something that i can get it. I can grab it, maybe not right now, maybe for some years later... Then, for cars like ferrari, mercedez,bmw... its really farrrrrrr beyond my standards.. Not to take it as challenge, it just me face the reality... Oh ya! maybe if a bilionnare come and propose me, i will change my dream eventually.. hehee..

For now, i am only own a motorcycle, my dear lovely AFiQ.. so.. sgt2 bersyukur dah. coz, without him.. maybe i will be late everyday in lecture.... my AFiQ is everything... now. 
my lovely AFiQ

Oh. "my engineer" also have cars that he really bragging about it all the time. ..

Yes. its SAGA new edition... 

Last but not least, there must be a million things in the worlds that we want, but whatever it is effort must be first. 
"you can't just do your best. i want excellent!"

So guys... talk doesn't cook rice, just.. take a moment and think about it... USAHA TANGGA KEJAYAAN!!

p/s: motivation for myself before i am being reckless.
p/s 2: ada lesen tapi actually masih takut2 bawak kereta... hehee..


  1. where's lancer Evo ???...kereta yg digilai ramai tu...hehehe

  2. hehe... sya xla minat kereta sport sgt. mungkin lelaki lain citarasa nyer. hehee

  3. hye alinac... salam kenal jugak.. from beautilicious kan.. da lama folo awak... :)


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