Monday, October 3, 2011



Whats happen here? hmmmm, i am started thinking to remove this blog. it seems like i never had time to write and also no ideas too. about my life? my life is not really interesting, all you can see i am always busy with study, work and never ever get a very long holiday.. so, whats interesting with that?and for some more reason actually this blog i created to improve my writing skills in english.sometimes i need more time to finished one entry. with limited time, its seems impossible to update daily ..huhu :(

Nevertheless, some people say,you just need to go on with the flow. finish what you already started. I not really catching something here like the famous blogger in malaysia or else, but i know there are always some peoples do read my blog whenever they need it. so i will keep writing. (eceh ayat macamla ramai viewer, hehe)

First, about current issues. freshie... yes. now i am third year already. senior, of course. less than a year, i will graduate.(insyaALLAH). its funny when looking back at time when i first comes to this university. i am always not satisfied with anything i got. i change my course, i get a motorcycle (i dont like waiting at bus station, time is really precious, dude) and many more. but clearly, the experiences in university is really different from anything else. You may success only by your own effort. there is no teachers to treat you this and that.try to understand, get good friends and live your life to the fullest.

Second, science.Yes, in this blog you will always about sciences.because i like sciences very much. hehe. right now i am writing about my thesis and i am about to discover the chemical properties of my plants and how it will give healthy benefits in people. So just thus evening i read about skins cracks. the medicinal plants that i try to extract may have a potential to treat this cracked skins.. do you ever get the symptom?

Skin cracks is happen when your skin is dry but sometimes its also can also happen because of diet, intense changing of weather (hot and cold), imbalance hormone, allergic and many more. The skin become dry, and become very sensitive. just because of small tears, the serious injuries might happen because it lead to a deeper layer of skins. Therefore,the constituent of my medicinal plant might be a potential for a better skincare. 

This is a little bit about my research, finding cure for a better human health. :)

cracked skins
That is all from me today, I am so sorry for my disappearance. i will try to update more after this! 

p/s: A.J,  maybe i will use your design as a subject for entry, on my next entry . can I? :P

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