Friday, October 7, 2011

biological clock


I just back from library, doing my assignment which is the due is tomorrow. Its just a simple one, nothing to brag.. then i am back to my room, and on my facebook . then, one of my friends message me in the chatbox, asking why you still not sleeping? its 11 pm already. And I tell her, i am still not sleepy, my biological clock is set up like that. then .. we end up the conversation  as usual like what we are going to do tomorrow , chitty chatty girls things and end with usual greetings, bye and good night. 

That conversation give me an idea what am I going to write tonight. Do you realize about how your body function? Oh i am really curious about my body, all the interaction made, as you know human is a very complex organism so that make it more interesting..Have you ever wonder, why you cries, laugh, sleep and all of the daily things you do? I believe i already explained about laugh and cries at here. You all can further read for knowledge... 

Have any idea with biological clock? As we all know, biological clock is term that we used to state the idea that our body is automatically set up to sleep and awake in the mornings without any alertness.. How it is happen actually? For science, its never a coincidence.. 
 Satchindananda Panda, an associate professor in Salk's Regulatory Biology Laboratory with Luciano DiTacchio doing a research to reveal this coincidence. 
my biological is ticking :(

They had discovered and identified that there is a gene responsible for starting the clock from its restful state every morning! 

  • In a report published September 29 in the journal Science, the Salk researchers and their collaborators at McGill University and Albert Einstein College of Medicine describe how the gene KDM5A encodes a protein, JARID1a, that serves as an activation switch in the biochemical circuit that maintains our circadian rhythm.
  • The discovery fills in a missing link in the molecular mechanisms that control our daily wake-sleep cycle. The central player of our biological clock is a protein called PERIOD (PER). The number of PER proteins in each of our cells rises and falls every 24 hours. Our cells use the level of PER protein as an indicator of the time of the day and tell our body when to sleep or be awake

For me, its a tremendous discovery one that can lead to the discovery of aging properties. Maybe we can know what mechanism that leads to aging and that will be the most fantastic discovery in worldwide! 

everyone wants to looks young

till then, thats all from me... updating twice a week.. * ok lah tu! :)

p/s: my students at tuition class guess my age is 19! I still looks cute u know! :) i love my biological clock, hehe 

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