Monday, February 21, 2011

Why do we cry?


You guys fine? ok. i am moody. guess what? someone told me that i SHOULD NOT write anything personal on my blog. fine. i agree with him because maybe blog is not someplace for person to share their personal life or write everything happened... its not like i am an artist to let you all know about what am I doing..but. i just think it was kind of my way to express my feeling. but you know, some person just don't understands.. ok. let it go.

So, after being insulted like that, i feel that some watery materials comes down from my eyes. Oh no. am i crying? just because of that? hello... i am not so depressed for just small matter... so, why is it these tears still come out??

How do we cry??Crying is a more complicated process than one would at first imagine.The water that comes out from our eyes is called tears.Tears are divided into three types; basal tears, reflex tears and emotional tears. Each of them will be secreted in different chemical composition and situation.. Basal tears keep our eyes lubricated constantly. Reflex tears are produced when our eyes get irritated, like with onions or when something gets into our eyes.Emotional tears is produced when the body reacts emotionally to something. Each type of tear contains different amounts of chemical proteins and hormones. 

The emotional tears contain higher levels of manganese and the hormone prolactin.Scientists have discovered to help the depression away,the release of emotional tears is really assisted.This is because these two elements is reduced when the tears comes out. Many people have found that crying actually calms them after being upset, and this is in part due to the chemicals and hormones that are released in the tears.   

is good for us to cry when sad. crying actually helps . just let it out my friends.. you will feel better~~ trust me!

cry it loud

p/s: my tears is reflex tears because a minute later a realised my housemate actually chopping some onions just now. :P


  1. jgn nanges syat...hang on!
    btw aku baru jer nak feeling impressed kt ko sbb dh ade 76 follower..slh tgk rupe nye...hehe
    ape2 pun aku ttp impressed. hehe

  2. hahaa... aku mana ada mende menarek sangat nak ada sampai 76 follower. ko je la yang baca blog aku kot. hehe


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