Saturday, March 19, 2011

Non-Halal milk??

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning. I am just finished attending physics lecture which is the  last class to attend this week, but unluckily i have one  more replacement class this evening... huwaa!!ok.ok...enough with my stress... back to the topic... 

Do you like milk? hehee... milk is my fav too! omaigod its was so delicious... obviously all of us must be drinking milk even some of us does not like it. Yeah right, we drink milk when we are baby! breast milk is very high in nutrients and produce a very good vitamin and supplement for babies.. and also, the immune system of the baby also increase when their mom feed them with breast milk more than artificial milk..!!

As we all know, milk is produced from cow and for the fact i know usually its halal.. but how can this milk become non-halal a.k.a HARAM??? 

This is the the actions of unresponsible company just want to collect profit and does not care about people. Why do I said so? there are some company, cheating on their milk product. Suppose, before all the milk is out to market,the protein measurement of the milk must to test first. In order to get high protein milk, the production cost must be really high,(good quality cow, advance machine, etc etc)Therefore this certain company started to use easy way solution to get high protein milk with lower cost.

How?? The protein measurement of milk is according to the amount of casein in the milk(structural formula).These company actually produce low protein milk,but they adding JUST casein to get the high protein measurement but, the truth is , the actual protein in the milk is not increase a bit!! Its getting worse when casein that they add is extraction from pig fat!!!!The prob is.. were the milks still halal????

Faham ke? haha. cam keling dah ayat sya kan ... damn!susah la nak explain dalam english.hehe....oke cani. pengusaha susu ni, sebenarnya mengeluarkan susu yang rendah protein, tapi nak tipu pengguna, dia tambah casein(bhn kimia) dari lemak babi, so bila cek nilai protein, seolah-olah mereka mengeluarkan susu yang berkualiti tinggi dan tinggi protein.. padahal itu casein je..masalahnye... susu itu halal atau tidak???

This problem was no proven black and white, but there are some company actually doing that.. this disrespectful actions is still under investigation under JAKIM to make sure all the food we(muslim) eat is halal ....  otherwise the company must give back their Halal license.. 

This is just some of the information sharing from may chemistry tutor few years ago. I hope this cases is resolved and all of us now drinking the halal milk  ....till now, say bismillah tawakal to ALLAH and enjoy your milk!!!peace upon you all!!! :)

p/s: minggu ni letih, lab sampai malam. huhu
p.s 2: sya bz, engineer sya pn bz. gudluck fyp awak! :)


  1. aiyo, apa yang halal sekarang kat Malaysia? nampaknya banyak keje untuk JAKIM.

    Salam singgah dari heliantuse[dot]com. ^_^

  2. itulah.... kira nak untung je syarikat2 ni. betol2. Jakim mmg kena cek betol2... :)


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