Friday, February 25, 2011

Engineer the best than others! :)


Hye!!! how are you guys??? ok, what's up with me? am i an engineer? err.... no. but i love an engineer. hehe... why do i say so? i am a biotechnologist student. how can i LOVE an engineer? it is different with my field of study and of course different with my interest....
hey, sya.... do you say so because your boyfriend is an engineering student? 
errrrrr.... hell no! shut up! *blushed.. :P

Do you ever heard about a fact that the differences of two person interest can make them really good in relationship? How can they do that? me? yes. i agree and its possible... engineer is the best? seek for a prove about that??hehe. check this out.

hehe..... so.. dah percaya?? 

Actually,kalo pasal pasangan ni, bukan bergantung pada pekerjaan pun.. tapi entahlah. bagi sya mmg kena laen field, baru macam ada connections jugak. macam sya ni, student biotech kan, and paham2 jela kalo budak bio ni, cakapnyer mmg banyak. yela... kalo explain pape tu sya memang suka detail2 and si dia... mesti dengar je dengan sabar.. bila apa2 masalah... sya berleter panjang2 si dia mesti akan bagi solution yang simple, but then very useful .... pemikiran engineer ni memang simple, how complicated the problem is, they always manage to solve it well..  very good in critical thinking !

Ini pendapat sya buat masa sekarang.... for me. engineer is the best! 
*ok statement ni mmg sya cakap sbb my lover is an engineering student. hehe

p/s:updated shortly because lack of time.. wish me luck for another test tomorrow! :)


  1. kalo mcm tu ak nak start stalk bdk sktm la.. hehehe

  2. hahaa... tula... jom cari budak sktm. hehe


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